Bone Face, or how I learned to skeleton.

Skeleton makeup is a wide and varied subject. Sometimes you just want a look that is fierce. Skeleton makeup compliments a complex costume just as well as a black hoody and jeans. Whether your Skeletor or simply going for that basic, bad-to-the-bone look that could scare Daniel Larusso then get ready to rumble. 


Supplies Needed:

Skeleton White (Base)
Skeleton (Palette)
Black Pencil
Neutral Set (Powder)
Brushes No.2, 7, 10
Velour Powder (Puff)
Latex Foam (Sponge)
Pencil Sharpener

  1. With Black Pencil, outline contours to include: cheek hollows, eye sockets, jagged bridge, temples, and neck vertebrae.
  2. Apply White Base with Sponge. Apply to smaller areas with a #10 Flat Brush.
  3. Apply Black (Palette) with #7 Flat Brush or small Sponge in areas shown. Darken outline detail at temples and across mouth.
  4. With a clean Brush or Sponge, blend forehead and temple area into adjacent White for a subtle grey “shadow” effect. Soften cheek contours into a sweeping arc toward nose. Lightly apply Black to forehead and chin to form a cleft. Detail should appear grey. Apply Powder to Puff; gently press to face. Dab moistened sponge over makeup to intensify color.
  5. Gently apply Yellow (Palette) with a clean, dry brush to distress facial features. Draw fine vertical lines on lips and around mouth with a sharpened Black Pencil. For Rotted Teeth: Dry teeth with tissue. Color teeth unevenly with Black Pencil.
  6. With a #2 Flat Brush, apply Red (Palette) verti­cally from forehead down to chin along a slight curve. Powder lightly.
  7. For Skeletal Teeth: Draw teeth outlines on upper and lower lips with a Black Pencil. Randomly shade teeth with White, Black, and Yellow. Touch up entire makeup as needed. Powder again to set makeup. Complete character with a black shroud.

Posted on October 29, 2008 by Dale

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